Global Sage Group

Welcome to the Global Sage Group


How choosing the Global Sage Group will add value to your business

  • Provide C-Level strategy and resources
  • Enlighten, assess and certify compliance to CFR1311 for ePCS
  • Navigate and coach the way to increase service revenue and achieve Service Excellence
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of your Business Processes
  • Analyze your current technology investments
  • Assess and recommend the most appropriate improvement strategies

Global Sage Group provides their clients with great value, on time delivery and rapid RESULTS. We assess the current situation, then develop and facilitate your improvement and implementation strategies.
The Global Sage Group (GSG) is approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to certify Electronic Prescriptions of Controlled Substances (ePCS) for both physician and pharmacy supporting applications.

The DEA requires that before any EPCS application may be used for electronics prescriptions for controlled substances, they must be reviewed, tested and determined by a third party to meet all the requirements of the DEA's EPCS Interim Final Rule - 21 CFR Part 1311. See 21 CFR 1311.300(a)

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